Archive Entry #2: Introduction to Nost
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The Multiverse of Atternittas

Hello friends. I want to thank the Archivers who reached out to me after my first post. I feel as if the weight of the Verse has been lifted from my chest. My entries should become much better in the future as I get to know the website and the formatting. I hope that the juice is worth the squeeze.

Through discussions with the Archivers on the Discord I have learned that I am writing all of this from what is known as the Baseline. I have learned as well that what I will be describing to you is the histories of what is known as a Limspace System. The system itself is well, best described as a Multiverse. A clustered grouping of Verses that share a common material plane of existence, that floats within a sea of other such Multiverses. The Infinite plane in which they exist is the Grande Eather. The Limspace System we are about to enter is called Atternittas.

The Limspace we will be diving into first is a planet called Nost.

Level Classification

Difficulty 1/5 The planet was created for all life to flourish
Entity Count 5/5 A world overflowing with exotic lifeforms
Chaos Gradient 5/5 Nothing is static, nothing is forever
Basset-Frazier Index 3.667/5 A Beautiful, dangerous testament to life

Creation Story

Forged by a pantheon of Gods after a war that spanned the entire multiverse. It was to be a monument to their victory over the forces of Vorgoth, a multiverse that came in contact with Atternittas causing them to merge in a violent and beautiful fashion. The God’s that survived poured their relief, their hope, and in some cases their sadness and rage at what the war had taken from them.

So from destruction came creation, creation the likes of which the multiverse of Aternittas had never seen before. A great gathering of life diverse and exotic in range and magnitude. Axiom became a massive star system of three stars, ten planets, numerous moons, and a collection of comets asteroids and other celestial bodies. The setting, at the center of the universe made for a beautiful cradle, something for the mortals to marvel at as they gazed into the night skies. Sentient life was planted on each planet, tailored by their gods specifically for each to flourish. The fifth from the central binary stars and the largest of all the planets, ringed and with many moons, Nost was the planet for all these beings to share. Crafted by all the gods together.

There was a golden Era. Tens of thousands of years went by and all was good. Then the enemy of the Gods returned to the Axiom Star system, to that vast shining beacon of his defeat. With vengeance and a pure loathing that was unmatched Dagon set to work dismantling all the Gods had worked to create. His form impeccable.

The Rending

Dagon, who was a Patriarch from Vorgoth, and his minions fell upon the other planets and waged war with the Gods. Their swift brutality showed the fifty thousand years of preparation and hatred that had built to this moment. Several of the Aternitassian gods fell swiftly, falling prey to the much more powerful Patriarch Dagon and the surprise at his mere presence there.

Then he took his visit to Nost, it was to be his final and most poetic soliloquy.

Chaos reigned supreme upon its surface by the time Dagon bore down upon the planet. Any reserve malice that he had saved to ensure the completion of his mission was now unleashed upon the final and most beloved planet. Wrapping his immense bulk around the planet his tendrils encircled the globe. Giving a twist, like snapping the neck of a chicken, he cracked the surface of the world then drank deeply of the oceans leaving massive canyons and fathomless pits to be shrouded in mists. A mocking visage of the once beautiful vibrant planet.

The final touches of his revenge was bestowing seeds of ultimate evil and wrapping Nost in the cold vastness of the ætherial sea, hiding it from the rest of the universe.

He sheltered the dormant body of the Mechanist, whispering one question in his ear, he lit a flame in the mechanist's heart. In Time Dagon hoped this whisper may cause the undoing of a universe. "Why can't you?" was all Dagon needed ask the Tormented mind.

At the same time a projection of himself stood, in the ambient summoning room of the Arcane University tower. Face to face with twin shapeshifters. Sol and Fod. Their mat grey skin heavily scarred with runes, inscribed with acidic ink. Deep engravings adorned their foreheads, the only difference between the two was the rune inscribed there, into the very bone of their skulls. He looked upon them and knew he had found the fertile soil for a seed of evil. Warping their bodies and minds, he unlocked in them power beyond their wildest dreams at a price beyond their darkest nightmares.

He Fused every essence of the two into one singular mind and body and gave them knowledge of vile rituals and spells. The final gift was enlightenment. Dagon's soul transcended Solfod's body, snatching Solfod's with it and bringing him before the Primemortal Atternittas. it may have just been in his mind but Dagon thought he could recognize Vorgoth in him. More like a child's hazy memory warped by time or the fleeting feeling of deja-vu, it was just a sense that something of his creator still remained.

Solfod stood transfixed, the knowledge of his very reality flooding his brain like a tsunami. Answers to all the questions, and clarity on all things was his in this moment. Dagon sneered his distaste at the Prime and fled back to his body. He then left the Mechanist and Solfod, his corruption accomplished, to fulfil their destinies as antagonists of the world. It was now time for Dagon's retreat. Rallying his few remaining minions he streaked back into the void his final mission a complete success.

The survivors of the great rending did not stir for many days. The terror that had befallen them freezing them in the holes and homes that had miraculously sheltered them from what had appeared to many as the Abyss manifested in the material. The Cataclysm as it would be known to those on the surface would have long lasting effects as the civilizations that were once connected to other planets and gods not only fought to rebuild, but to maintain order in a world cut off from everything they had ever known.

Post Rending Nost


The faces of Men

Civilization took many thousands of years again to regain any kind of footing after the rending. Even though immortal beings survived with vast amounts of knowledge, so much was lost in the Cataclysm that it was a fresh start for life. The environment changed, weather patterns changed, indeed huge portions of land were lost and others created when Dagon broke the crust.

Dagon also left his lieutenant Behlorah behind on the planet to ensure maximum entropy of its inhabitants. Behlorah spends much of his time with the mechanist, serving as a… conscience of sorts. When not with the Mechanist, Behlorah roams the planet, sewing seeds of dissent in growing societies, and keeping the powerful beings living in fear keeping as many survivors as he could from working together to rebuild what once was.

The first lifeboats sent down from the moon colonies were destroyed with diligence. the totality and brutality of the attacks served as a warning that would keep the already xenophobic moon colonies from visiting for nearly 10,000 years. The demon appears to many in their dreams fueling uncertainty, fear and sorrow in the hearts of the common people. So much so that Behlorah now exists within the myth of most modern Nost civilizations as the God/dess of Corruption and Fear.

So it went for tens of thousands of years, tribes became city states and then crumbled to dust. Nations rose only to come crashing down under their own weight. Ancient pre rending secrets were uncovered only to be lost again to the sands of time. Then came the Empire of Ohmeghon, who swelled their power by enslaving an entire kingdom of men. The Makarians, as the slave race would come to be known as, would build and protect the empire of Ohmeghon for generations, leaving the ruling class to amass knowledge, wealth and most importantly power.

The Makarians are so named because it was a slave by that name who led the revolt that would lead his people to freedom and their own land. He crusaded from a small town on the most southern tip of the Ohmeghon continent, starting by freeing himself and a handful of slaves from a wealthy fighting ring. These Originals made their way north freeing every slave they could along the way. By the time they made it to Pimo, the closest real city, they were able to infiltrate and free enough slaves to overthrow the local government and form the beginnings of a real army.

That army, supplied, armed and with nothing to loose and everything to gain rampaged across the Ohmeghon nation, freeing thousands of slaves from South to North, eventually braving the mist canyons at the fjord to cross over and leave the Ohmeghon continent behind. They kept north until the reached the mists at the edge of that continent as well. what they found there would not only save their lives but also found the capital city of Makaria that stands to this day.

That was nearly 7,881 years ago in Nost time now. Their current date is the year 89,998 and as much as I hate beliveing in proficies and star signs and such, it seems like the year 90,000 may hold some important events for the inhabitants of Nost.

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