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Community Proposal System

Proposal System

  1. Any site member may post a proposal in #public.
  2. A member of staff will hand-select proposals to place in #proposal.
  3. The #proposal channel will list the selected proposals.
  4. Said channel serves as a to-discuss list for the staff team to consider.
  5. After thorough discussion, staff can install approved proposals.


Regardless of hierarchical ranking, any member of staff can approve a proposal. The format for proposals placed in #proposals is the following:

[Objective short form description of the proposal].
[Link to Discord message].
[Pinging Mod Team and the user who suggested the proposal.]

Subsequent Discussion

The #proposal channel exists as a to-discuss list. It is the responsibility of staff to initiate thorough discussion of the topic at hand. This should be done in #general-staff-chat or #public. After adequate discussion, the proposal can be approved or denied via staff vote or unanimous decision. The staff may also decide to have the proposal approved by way of community vote. However, a majority of the staff team must agree to the community vote.


Approved proposals will be installed by staff. The message sent in #proposals will be deleted after being approved. Said proposals will be archived in a Google Docs document. Proposals that have been approved should be announced in both #announcements and #general-staff-chat but pinging is optional.

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