Difficulty 1/5 How livable the level is.
Entity Count 0/5 Amount of entities in the level.
Chaos Gradient 1/5 The amount of chaos/changing things.
Basset-Frazier Index .667/5 Add together all and divide by 3. This is a measure of how anomalous the level is.


fig 1.0 Level 11


In short, Level 11 — otherwise known as The Suburbs — is a level consisting of the following elements: a suburban district, an industrial district, and an expansive field of barren rock. This level is devoid of sustenance and is infested with entities.

Additionally, the entirety of the level is shrouded by a nebulous haze of dark clouds and pollution; consequently, an everlasting darkness envelops the landscape. A vast megastructure blankets the exosphere and emulates a star-studded nighttime sky.

Suburban Sector

This area houses an array of residential structures illuminated by rows of street lamps. The rain-slick asphalt streets that line the neighborhood are desolate. One must be careful while travelling these streets as they may not be as empty as they appear. Carnivorous street lamps, fleshy creatures hailing from claustrophobic sewer systems, and faceless neighbors — known as The Neighborhood Watchmen — that are hostile to trespassers.

The houses here are best described as chaotic. Although houses have a uniform palette, they range in interior d├ęcor and layout. Notably, this sector is further subdivided into slums and gated communities.

One travelling party that I had once associated with began the practice of documenting and numbering houses they passed during their travels.

Notable architectural phenomena:

Number Description
#19284 This house consists of a single vestibule that branches out into six other rooms, all of which are identical restrooms. The backyard houses a wooden shed — also an identically designed restroom. The significance of this phenomenon is unknown.
#45768 This house is but a single, barren room. A gravity-defying chandelier extrudes from the floor, anomalously reaching toward the ceiling. Watchmen patrol by this house at a significantly increased rate — thrice as much as opposing houses around the neighborhood.
#93838 A rather ordinary house if you discount its anomalous suspension in the air. It drifts about the nighttime sky, gracefully hovering above us hopeless ground-dwellers. Its interior is a mystery, but it remains as a symbol of the endless adventure that awaits wanderers.

It is unknown who — or what for that matter — constructed these houses. The topic has sprung up innumerous times among groups of wanderers. Some believe they are innate to the level, others believe they were constructed by a past civilization of architects.

Industrial Sector

Cogwell Matrix

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Recommended Equipment

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Valuable Resources

Recommended Actions

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Nomadic communities made up of lost wanderers. Often found vying for resources.

The Neighborhood Watchmen


New Bavaria

An unorthodox faction separated from The Neighborhood Watchmen.



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