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Level Classification

Difficulty 3/5 Nost was created for life but had been rent by evil forces. Difficulty is based on current state. The strong survive, the weak enable the strong.
Entity Count 5/5 Nowhere on Nost is completely devoid of life. You will also find settlements from small tribes to sprawling mega metropolises. Life flourishes, even in current state.
Chaos Gradient 5/5 Nothing ever stays the same yet all the while nothing ever changes.
Basset-Frazier Index 4.333/5 This level is fundamentally similar to baseline with regard to mathmatical and scientific constants (Ex gravity) but anything is possible here. Caution is advised.

This information has been passed to me Directly from my Weaver. My primary directive is to transcribe the information he gives me directly to this Wiki. Information for those who seek it they tell me. What follows is a shortened history of the Axiom star system with a focus on the 5th planet Nost.

Post War

The Conclave of the Gods

After emerging victorious from another Merge War the Gods of Atternittas, led by three Patriarchs, came together to discuss the roles they would play in the coming peace times. As well as what should be done to celebrate the victory. After millennia of war and destruction it was concluded that they would spend their peacetime as creators and attempt to rebuild what was lost in the war.

The Bringing of Existence

The Gods took their material from the Prime Material Plane, a thing not done in eons, to build a brand new world and make it a paradise for the life they would create after.

This star system was to be a crowning jewel of creation, a testament to power of the Gods. A Testament to the victory they had achieved. A testament to the loved ones they lost and a hope for the future. Ten planets were birthed, orbiting two stars. A third star orbited the entire system its orbit tilted 90 degrees from the relative plane of the other planets.

Two of the stars being massive and in a co-centric orbit, pale violet green and as bright as stars come, while the third star orbited the far dark edges of the system shedding a deep neon black light that didn't necessarily give light but more made things glow with their own light and keeping care of its own single planet.

More than twenty Moons circle the ten Planets of what would become known as The Axiom System, a bustling and prosperous star system, a hub of life and the envy of the other nearby systems and the Gods that created them.

The Age of Devine Labour

Breath of Life: The Immortals

After the Formation of the Axiom system and its planets the Patriarchs and Gods bent their focus on the creation of those who would worship them. The Immortal races first to walk the lands, were born at this time.

A Second Wind: The Mortals

Some of the Conclave missed their chance at creation, or were not invited as the first breath was given to the children of the Gods. So in their own way and time they gave birth to the Mortals of the land. Not nearly as experienced in life-giving as the others their labor was, as some would say, hurried and potentially careless. Learning or not from their mistakes, their feverish work produced many different races, with some Gods creating several.

What follows is a list of the Gods in the pantheon, the world they created and the species they created. as well as their planets position from the sun and name.

God Attributes Creations Planet Star Alignment Notes
Charock Alpha Being, Father of the Gods Volterrii / Volmen Adorrum (1st orbit) Char (Pale emerald binary star) Atternittas Destroyed Dagons Twin in Single Combat
Abukai Beta Being, Brother of Charock N/A N/A N/A N/A Killed by Dagon in single combat
Razghul Omega Being, Deaths Deacon, Warden of Thereafter Nosferattii Lamiorrum (Orbits Fintol) Fintol (Neon Black Orbiting Star) Atternittas
Areya Mother of the Gods, Lady Of Fertility Ahlderrin / Exodrin Sylvorrum (2nd Orbit) Vit (Pale Violet Binary Star Atternittas
Aduia Mother of Nature, Empress of Beasts Ahlerrin / Exorrin Sylvorrum (2nd Orbit) N/A Atternittas
Ezra Goddess of Love and Tragedy N/A N/A N/A Aternitas
Ignatistag God of The Forge Korval Forturnum (6th orbit) N/A Aternitas
Rayel The Impartial Judge, God of Law and Order Rhazzel (Demi God) N/A N/A Aternitas Killed by Behlorah during the Merge War
Ta'Almut God of Darkness and Shadow, Keeper of the Realm Below Psyphon / (Elder Brain) Psyphomum (8th orbit) N/A Atternittas
Espen Eternal Trickster, God of Luck and Chaos Doppelgänger N/A N/A Atternittas
Koi-Ja The Arcanist, God of all Arcana, Keeper of the Key Shardmind Arcanium (4th orbit) N/A Atternittas
Chezzron Keeper of Time and Events, Herald of All to Come Chroniclers Ohmem-Herrah (9th and last orbit) N/A Atternittas
Tihammut Dragon God, The Wyrm, Draconis Majoris All Dragon Kin Dracovium (3rd orbit) N/A Atternittas Split by the Pantheon at the conclusion of the skyblaze creating Tiamat and Bahamutt
Tiamat Chromatic Dragon Queen Nohavie Taint N/A N/A Atternittas
Bahamutt Metallic Dragon King N/A N/A Atternittas
Azrael Master of Strategy, God of War and Conflict Collaborus / Ork Cogmium (7th Orbit) N/A Atternittas
X'uru Baen Punisher of Fear and Cowardice, God of Destruction Troll / Goblin Cogmium (7th orbit) N/A Atternittas
All Gods of Atternitas N/A All Races/Species Nost (5th orbit) N/A Atternittas This is the focus of the Axiom Limsystem

God Attributes Creations Planet Star Alignment Notes
Dagon Alpha Being, Lord of Destruction, Chaos, and Anguished Passing Dekkarbia Demons / Raum Demons Vorgdrios (1st orbit) Ad-bacyn (hypergiant dark star) Vorgoth
Frolk Beta Being, God of Cruelty and Malice N/A N/A N/A Vorgoth Killed during the Merge war by Charock
Behlorah Matriarch of Delusions, Twister of weak minds Bael Demons / Murmur Demons Tharziddun (Deep eliptical orbit) N/A Vorgoth Currently residing with the Mechanist on Nost
Vaeh'Grath The Ungreedy, Lord of Plagues Orobas Demons / Myconid (Grand Spore) Minauros (2nd Orbit) N/A N/A Sent the Myconid Comet to Nost
Refiḉul God of Pain and Sovereign of Suffering Gaeldrub Demons / Blofuxx Demons Phlegethos (3rd and last orbit) N/A
Ghorgo'Roth God of Wrath and Conquest cell-content cell-content cell-content cell-content
Inkyubeetah cell-content cell-content cell-content cell-content cell-content cell-content
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