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Level Classification

Difficulty 1/5 How livable the level is.
Entity Count 0/5 Amount of entities in the level.
Chaos Gradient 1/5 The amount of chaos/changing things.
Basset-Frazier Index .667/5 Add together all and divide by 3. This is a measure of how anomalous the level is.


Level 1.1, colloquially referred to as placeholder, is a sublevel of Level 1. Overgrown with bio-luminescent fungi, the placeholder is one of the many diverse environments that layer Level 1. A wide variety of fungi thrives in the expansive randomly-segmented rooms of Level 1.1.

Physical Description

In terms of architecture, Level 1.1 is identical to its parent level. Rooms vary in size here.

Social Description

A ruthless cartel patrols this sublevel. Consumption of fungi leads to a multitude of effects. This being said, the exportation of fungal matter is a profitable trade within Level 1.1.

Notably, a species of humanoid mushrooms (Agarians) inhabit this sublevel.

Historical Description

Historically, the area was a hotbed of occultism and alchemy. Much documentation of the sublevel exists in the form of oblique and nuanced texts.

Recommended Equipment

Valuable Resources

Recommended Actions



Portobello is a militant cartel and the leading group within Level 1.1. It is the top exporter of colorful fungi in the Backrooms. Words and stuff alliance with New Bavaria. :-)



Level 1.1—much like a plethora of alternate sublevels that layer Level 1—is accessible through the shafts that run vertically through Level 1.

Words and stuff shafts. :-)


Words and stuff shafts. :-)

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