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Past the forest of morne hills and hazy fields, past the macabre beaches of cinders and ash, past the leaden waves of the tempestuous sea—one might come upon a palatial citadel. The castellated fortress walls are populated by skeletal combatants supplied with patchwork quivers destined to safeguard the monarch's fortune of gold and silver for eternity.

Jutting out through the ashy terrain - jagged crystalline salt formations point up towards the frosty sky. Wispy cirriform clouds veil the vast stretch of earth. Perpetual wind swirls aimlessly about the chilly atmosphere; temperatures often dip to extreme lows here.

There is a multitude of surreal sights one can experience in the Abode, but the crimson mist is the most notable. On occasion - a vast nebulous mass of drifting red haze will encompass the sky. Cruising along the Jovian winds - the crimson mist will blanket the gloomy terrain.

Fleshy masses of enormous muscular tissue stretch from the ground—known by wanderers as tendons—quiver as if it were in pain. Notably, tendons appear to be torn with lacerations. In reality, these lacerations are the mouths of sessile creatures which filter feed on nutrients suspended by the crimson mist. Said creatures will be elaborated on later in this writing.

The tumultuous body of shimmering azure pounds against the basalt columns. Left behind on the charcoal beaches: bottle green shards, glints of golden nuggets, and fragments of bone.


A multitude of strange creatures populate the Abode: bonefolk, khthonopithecus specimens, tendons, and such.

Bonefolk — a species of reanimated skeletal beings are the main inhabitants of the Abode. It is unknown how bonefolk are conscious/organic. Bonefolk will perish if their skull is crushed, however, they can live while decapitated.

Bonefolk have formed their own civilizations with distinct culture characteristics: a written language, a distinct attire, and music performed with a vast array of makeshift instruments. Their bones are often etched with pictograms and writing.

Arisen from the earth, a freshly "born" bonefolk will be taken in by preexisting bonefolk.

Bonefolk believe in the concept of the phantasmagorical brain - an immaterial soul enclosed within them that grants them consciousness and movement. Evidently - their species doesn't adhere to the natural laws of the cosmos. The notion of bonefolk existing as a result of divine creation has seeded thoughts of supremacy within their settlements.

Khthonopithecus — a genus of hominins adapted to the harsh environment. Related species are collectively referred to as khtnonopiths. Ape-like in form—khthonopiths are well-adapted. They have evolved a number of traits such as: thick leathery skin, hair fully encompassing their bodies, and a larger stature. They have simian skulls and hence, simian minds.

Khthonopiths travel in small groups and feast on tendons. Gluttonous savages incapable of rationale or civilization, the khthonopiths often war over meat.

  • K. hedonus — fatigued gluttons that cluster around tendons. Testing testing testing testing testing testing testing.
  • K. brutus — cruel and larger in stature - these brutes sullenly creep around the borders of civilization awaiting for prey or discarded scraps to feast on.
  • K. australus — dark-skinned and hirsute. K. australus have a rather simian hunched stature and inhabit the basalt columns surrounding the southern continent of Australopa.
  • K. insulae — island-dwelling savages with a heavily collaborative-centered lifestyle. Tool-use has been observed in K. insulae populations.

Tendons—a massive pillar of trembling muscular tissue. It is very much alive - pulsating violently as the khthonopiths tear at its carmine flesh. A series of gashes are visible on the surface of the tendons. These lacerations act as oral cavities that absorb material. Enveloped in the fleshy column, a singular bone runs down into the ashy earth; ossified roots stem from the underside of this bone.

A series of tendrils lay dormant inside the tendons oral cavities - only awaking to defend the tendon. Their tubular bodies lined with arrowlike teeth will nip at threats and unsuspecting prey alike.

Nuurqraleths—massive multi-eyed arachnidian beings. Nuurqraleths are characterized by their segmented tail ending with a piercing stinger and their arrowlike teeth laid in their canine-like snouts. Some have been domesticated.


Kingdom of Necropolis — an absolute monarchy and the largest collection of bonefolk in the Abode. The former president has installed a rigid totalitarian regime with himself - the monarch - at the center. An expulsion of all non-bonefolk has driven many into lesser civilizations.

Bonefolk dissidents will be beheaded and their remaining bones will be incinerated; their skulls will be placed within the catacombs - doomed to remain there for eternity.

Republic of King Plains — a republic in civil unrest. Crime is rampant and corruption is deeply rooted into the government. Parliament is but a battleground for vying representatives with shady allegiances. Once a proponent of democracy and liberty, the Republic has been tainted by the covetous, scheming megalomaniacs, and pretentious demagogues.

Lawbreakers International — a loosely connected organized crime organization bound by an ossified ideology of criminality. The organization is decentralized and operates without any leadership. Several camps and underground clubs have been established in their name.

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