Daniel's Cabinet (Jerstew)

Daniel's Cabinet

Level Name Difficulty Entity Count Chaos Gradient Basset-Frazier Index
Daniel's Cabinet 5/5 0/5 0/5 1.6/5


Daniel's Cabinet is an extremely dangerous sub-level of the backrooms. It seems to resemble the inside of a cabinet, or a coffin, so it is extremely small. Once in this level, there is no way out. People that find themselvesstuck in this level, stay there for an estimated 21 days. No food nor water can ever be found in here, so to be safe, a traveller must always keep food and water on them at all cost. The name of this level is a reference to the biblical story of Daniel, and the Daniel fast. Where one cannot eat for 21 days, only relying on a consistent water source. This is what the level evokes, in the Daniel fast one is supposed to pray whenever they feel hungry. In Daniel's cabinet, one can only pray, cry, and scream, but no one will ever hear them until the 21 days are over.


Measurements and infromation

Inside the cabinet, there is no natural light source, and the walls are unbreakable. Once in the cabinet, the wood that makes up the space, will grow to be the exact height width depth and length needed to not hurt the victim, but make them uncomfortable. The victim will hear no sounds, see no change, and feel pain of loneliness and isolation for 21 days.

Entrances and Exits


The only confirmedway to enter the cabinet, is to touch a cabinet in any house one may find within Level 11. Once the cabinet is touched, the victim will be immediately transported into the cabinet, with no hope of getting out for 21 days. It is not known if there is only one cabinet or multiple, as still not much is known about it.


Once the traveller's 21 days are over, the top of the cabinet will open up, and the traveller will come out of the cabinet, and appear in a random level. Once the traveller looks away from the cabinet, it will disappear.

Additional Information

There have been few victims of Daniel's Cabinet, but it's a big enough number for several groups to be able to calculate a possible mortality rate. As in the percentage of people who are able to escape, that number, is 0.102819% of all documented cases. Not much else is known about Daniel's Cabinet other than the fact that it exists.

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