Character (who leads the story):
We're not quite sure who the narrator is. The only information we know about him is his initials: J.C.

Motivation (what your character wants):
Getting to the other side of the seemingly endless cornfield. Maybe treasure awaits them, maybe freedom. Not even he is sure. It calls for them.

Status Quo (situation at the start):
Stuck in a limspace for it has to be a couple of weeks, the main character has to escape. It is composed of nothing but a barn with basic supplies and an endless cornfield. The sky is a beautiful starry night, yet, the lighting is off.

Inciting Incident (what disturbs the status quo):
The character ventures once more into the fields. It's unclear how many times he's been there before, but it has to be many, his experience navigating even deeper roots and labyrinths around him is impressive. However, when he looks back, his trail has vanished.

Developments (what happens next):
He begins to venture deeper and deeper into the cornfields. His breathing gets heavier, the writing gets more fast-paced. Shuffling through plantation after plantation, running into randomly chosen bifurcation, the barn slowly gets smaller and smaller in the distance, and the sky has gone completely black. As the main comes to a stop due to tiredness, he looks in front of him, there are only a few meters left of corn.

Crisis: (what brings the action to a head climax)
He doesn't have enough strength to pull through. He walks extremely slowly, the end in sight, yet, so unreachable. He remembers his life before the fields. He pulls one last desperate run. As he pulled through the last blade of grass, he blacks out.

Resolution: (how are things resolved?)
He died from exposure kilometers before and didn't even make it close to the end. The "end" was a hallucination he was having in his blips in and out of consciousness before succumbing to hypothermia. His story made it onto the Dataspace somehow. The liminal world has bested humanity once again.

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