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> Level classification

Difficulty 2/5 Level 19 is safe, but due the limited supply of food and water, the level doenst support long term survival.
Entity Count 0/5 There are no entities in Level 19.
Chaos Gradient 1/5 The Lamtle cave can be relatively dangerous because of its hard to navigate tight passages.
Basset-Frazier Index 1/5 This level is relatively safe.

> Description


fig 1.0 The vast expanse of the desert inside Level 19.

Level 19 is a flat plain desert. Its flora has been identified as matching with the western parts of the United States of America. Entities do not currently inhabit this level, perhaps due to the lack of nutritional sustenance. Analysis of the flora has been conducted.

The sand appears thick and dense, which makes excavation difficult. So far, no groundwater sources have been found, no more investigations into an alternate source of water have been conducted, due to the previously mentioned abnormal properties of the sand.

Skulls of previously undiscovered entities have been found. The composition of the skulls is different from bones found in animals in Baseline. The substance is thicker and more resistant to penetration via sharp objects, like knives and spears.

Charlize Pond

The Charlize Pond is the only currently known source of water inside Level 19. The composition of the water is identical to the water found in Baseline. Collapsed buildings, mostly composed of wood and bricks have been found surrounding the pond. Ruins of an ancient society have been found in the margin of the pond.

Lamtle Cave

The Lamtle Cave is a small entrance to an underground complex of caves and tight corridors enveloped with rocks. Entering the Excelsior amethyst geode inside the Lamtle cave for 30 seconds will transport the wanderer to Level 20.

Note that the Lamtle Cave has been documented sparsely, few paths excluding the one leading to the Excelsior geode have been archived. If you aim to document the cave any further, contact your local Archivist Backrooms Branch.

> Factions

Ancient Hurg

Ancient Hurg is an extinct civilization found in the margins of Charlize Pond. The only physical remains of this city are collapsed buildings, houses, facilities. The Analytical Archivist branch, in collaboration with the Backrooms Branch, has estimated that this society placed a 0.54 on the Kardashev Scale.1

Outpost Oracle

No longer operating, Outpost Oracle was a small-scale post with the peak number of residents being 24. It used to be operated by the Backrooms Archivist Branch. It was the headquarters for the research into the flora present inside Level 19. After research was concluded and the research paper published, the outpost was disestablished.

> Entrances And Exits


You can enter Level 19 by overcoming a hallucination in any sector inside Level 18, this is proven to be notably hard.


The only way to exit Level 19 is by entering the Excelsior amethyst geode inside the Lamtle Cave. It is highly recommended the use of a map, as it will facilitate navigation. This will lead to Level 20.

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