Agressiveness 3/5 Rustbugs will only attack if provoked. Although, many actions provoke them, and they will keep pursuit for an incredible distance.
Rarity 2/5 Common, but only in the level they originate in. That level being Level 20. May very rarely be seen in other levels where the condition and environment is similar enough.
Intelligence 2/5 Very basic intelligence for the baseline creature that rustbugs represent, with an included absurd range of awareness.
Pritoria Index 2.33/5 It’s best to steer clear of areas in which you can confirm their presence. Be cautious in Level 20 otherwise, as there is always a risk.

> Description

Entity 20, known to the wanderers who have travelled Level 20 as rustbugs, share similar biology and appearance to baseline rusty crayfish. Generally, it is advised to never get too close to a rustbug’s territory, or you may be tracked down for a much longer time than anticipated. Sometimes just referred to as crayfish or crawfish due to the lack of non-anomalous rusty crayfish in The Backrooms.

> Behaviors

The rustbug often teams up with others of its own kind, although seeing a rustbug alone is not an uncommon occurrence. They are mostly found in Level 20, in which they can be found in areas with a high level of pools of water and puddles. Under lockers, inside lockers, and in the ceiling of Level 20 are common nesting places.

To these entities, many gestures are considered aggressive and may trigger the rustbug’s response. Running near them (although not advised in Level 20 anyway) may drag in their attention. Making a substantial amount of noise applies as well. Although not always the case, being in a 1-2 meter distance of a rustbug may aggravate it regardless of one’s actions. Given their nature of hiding under, behind, or inside objects, wanderers must be aware of the prospect of aggravating one without knowing.

Although moving very slowly, they will continuously follow what provoked them for a large distance, even out of sight. This distance has been recorded to be about 80 meters on average, about 200 meters on record. It is suggested to travel at least 200 tiles in Level 20 before confirming your safety, unless taking salvation in a bathroom.

> Biology

Rustbugs share the appearance and mostly the same biology as Rusty Crayfish. The major difference being the venom, and the method to inject said venom into unsuspecting wanderers. Rustbugs inject venom through their claws, upon securing a grab. Consumption of any part of a rustbug results in the effects of the venom, effectively making the rustbug venomous and poisonous.

The chemical that is utilized by rustbugs is known to be tetrodotoxin, the same extremely-potent toxin used by pufferfish. There is no known antidote, and a single dose of the venom from one singular attack is enough to kill many.

If rustbugs being heavily poisonous was not a deterrent enough, after death, they will hastily decompose and start releasing a toxic gas. Rustbug remains in general are a hazard that should be avoided. These remains are not seen very often in the wild, as bacteria and any nearby carpet fluid quickly decompose the remains. Specific bacteria seemed to have evolved over time to scavenge the valuable resources.

> Discovery

Rustbugs were presumably discovered shortly after the discovery of level 20. It is rumored that the exploration party that first entered level 20 were finished off by rustbugs after most of the group had succumbed to other hazards within the level. This evidence of these rumors lies within journals and other belongings found in the following expeditions. Since the discovery of the level in which they originate, Rustbugs have been found in other levels, in small amounts.

> Survival Guide

The most essential course of action is to avoid provoking them. Whilst passing by, this can be achieved in many ways:

  • Not encroaching within a 1-2 tile/meter distance.
  • Avoiding making excessive or loud noise.
  • Not running or jumping.

Be aware of your surroundings in Level 20 at all times. If you see rustbugs before you draw near, you will likely avoid an encounter.

If you are being followed, or suspect you are being followed, do not rest. Continue to travel hastily. Do not attempt to kill rustbugs unless completely necessary. Killing them may alert others nearby. If you do have to dispatch one, do so with a swift stomp or preferably a blunt weapon.

To escape this entity, it is heavily recommended to travel until you are about 200 meters away from the point of the encounter. If you are able, keep going. Another option is to take salvation within a bathroom and wait an extended period of time. Waiting at least 3 hours should be safe, but the persistence depends on the rustbug, and that can’t be accurately predicted. When running away, moving extremely fast is not required, as the entities are slow due to their size. Sprinting is especially not recommended in Level 20. Be swift, but keep your footing.

Rustbugs are a lot less of a threat when encountered in levels besides Level 20, but be wary of their abilities regardless.

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