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Threshold Classification

Difficulty 2/5 Varies with the limspace being explored.
Entity Count 2/5 Varies with the limspace being explored.
Chaos Gradient 4/5 Tenuous and erratic connection.
Basset-Frazier Index 2.3/5 Livable, but only for short periods of time.



The Boundary is a borderline state of simultaneous existence in both a limspace and baseline reality. This state typically lasts for around an hour, although this time is extended for lower levels of sanity. While in this state, an archivist will exist in Baseline, being able to see and interact with it, while also existing in a limspace as well. The images of the two realities appear blurred together, like when one crosses their eyes and sees the two images layered strangely atop one another. Entities native to the limspace may still attack wanderers in this state. The connection to the limspace is extremely tenuous, and is broken if the archivist is seen by anyone from the Baseline, or anyone from Baseline hears their voice. When the connection is severed archivists are left entirely in Baseline, and the connection to the limspace they were exploring is lost completely. It should be noted that this same effect works in reverse, and if anyone native to the limspace sees the archivist they will be stranded entirely in the limspace. The limspace the archivist is sent to upon entering this state is random, and is frequently a previously unknown space, that may not be connected to earth, or even Baseline. Strange and alien landscapes, liminal spaces from other worlds, have been explored using this method. Because the connection is severed upon being noticed by anyone from the baseline reality, archivists in this state are forced to hide from everyone, including their fellow archivists, to stay in it as long as possible.

Entrances and Exits:


The Boundary can be entered by crossing one's eyes during sleep paralysis.


The boundary can be exited by being seen or heard by anyone in Baseline.

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