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Entity Classification

Aggressiveness 3/5 These creatures primarily strike when their target is surrounded by few people and lacks sufficient firepower.
Rarity 1.5 /5 They take extra care to place themselves in areas where they can find lone wanderers more readily.
Intelligence 5/5 Two minds are better than one, and this creature has many minds.
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Sighchis, are hyper-intelligent carnivorous creatures that prey exclusively on humans. They utilize their hand-like paws and many tendrils as both vicious weapons and tools of surgical precision. Sighchis are identified by a bulky build, long arms, dark brown mane that extends from the head to the back, thick beige skin, thin, yet durable, cherry-colored tendrils periodically shifting in and out of the chest and back, and an exposed ribcage, with a thin membrane that holds brains inside of it.

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