The Matrix Town

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Level Classification

Survival Difficulty 5.5/5 It is advisable not to enter, since the exits are almost impossible to find and supplies are null.
Hazard Level 5/5 The atmosphere of this town is known to be psychologically damaging.
Chaos Rating 5.5/5 The weather is unpredictable, and quick action is advised. The structures also change shape and collapse without warning.
Basset-Frazier Index 5.55555/5 In general, it is almost impossible to survive. Its greatest danger is the climate and environment it presents, which is deadly for the human mind.



The Matrix Town is a town that contains a very chaotic climate and environment that makes the town a difficult place to survive the phenomena. The town has houses reminiscent of medieval times, as well as houses from the 80s and 90s. Some houses are on medium-sized hills that cannot be climbed, but can be crossed, allowing Wanderers to see the interior of the hills, which have small caves. Outside the hills, no entrance to the caves can be seen.

The town has small hill-shaped stairs, made entirely of stones of different sizes such as 1.5cm, 10cm, 0.8cm, up to 30cm can be found. These stones cannot be broken or moved. Another characteristic of The Matrix Town is that in the distance, there is an unidentified type of smoke. It is not known if it is harmful to anyone's health. Wanderers cannot reach that smoke and it only leads them to The Ruined City. Some theorize that it may be that there is a fire in the distance. You'll notice the sky is crimson when you look up, and the clouds are barely distinguishable against it's backdrop. The sky is the main danger as it holds many climatic problems and extremely lethal temperatures.

In the town, there are two varieties of automobiles: The cars that, due to their appearance, date back to the 50s, and the trucks. The topography of the town is consistent: A dry grass that if you wet it will never turn green (although there is mostly land) and it gives off a horrible smell. Flowers and bushes can be found here as well as trees that are made of dry rotten wood. This is repeated in the bushes and flowers that are withered; wetting them does not return them to their normal states either.

There are no supplies in The Matrix Town, which makes it very difficult to survive as well as document most of the things in the town due to the climate, environment and phenomena that exist. The Matrix Town is called that because the phenomena it contains are very chaotic and dangerous for the human mind.

Freak Danger Explanation Summary
Static Sound 3.5/5 It can cause intense headaches and even burst your ears due to its repetitiveness and loudness. Causes severe headaches.
Static Vision 4/5 This can be very dangerous for visibility, since one can later become blind. It can blind anyone.
Computer Terminals 5/5 If you hear this once you have to find a place to rest your ears quickly, because the second time is deadly. First exposure is a warning and the second is fatal.
Through the Floor 5.5/5 It can destroy parts of your body, and most of the time it is fatal. Go through the floor and die.
Disappearance 4.5/5 It makes you disappear when you accidentally go through something, and those who have disappeared do not know where they ended up, and if you do not disappear you will be stranded in the Underground Library. You pass through anything and you can disappear or be taken to the Underground Library.

Underground Library


It is considered a mysterious and ancient place, because all the books it has are dusty, at the same time that the entire bookstore dates back to the 1930s. Underground Library is an infinite old bookstore, where from time to time you can find rooms and/or small offices. The books there are old and their pages seem fragile, but in reality they are resistant to breaking. All the books have titles such as: HallsHalls, Hard and Rough, How Does Machinery Work?, Power Station, The Waters Will Always Be Calm, Cabin in the Woods, among other titles.

The books that exist have important and confidential information about all the spaces that exist, even information about new, still unknown spaces has even been found. Some UNCB agents are protecting these books, because the information within this bookstore is very valuable and important to be able to identify other spaces that are currently unknown. In the Underground Library there is a strange effect, which creates a static screen of a TV when taking an image: This effect has caused the images of this place to be corrupted or deleted by themselves and the only ways to represent the place It is through a drawing/illustration.


The climate is chaotic, changing without any indication of a change in the town. The following can be created: tornadoes, snow storms, hail, acid rain, storms, thunder or lightning and inconsistent radiation. These climatic problems make The Matrix Town difficult to navigate and document precisely the events that occur. Sometimes the temperature can reach -70°F, forcing explorers to stay inside the houses, and other times the temperature increases up to 80°C. The houses seem to repel the constantly shifting temperatures, making them the safest area in The Matrix Town.



The houses in The Matrix Town are made of white terracotta that are very dirty, sometimes unpainted white terracotta. The houses also include an fence of mossy and dirty stone. Sometimes, some houses do not have this characteristic border, and instead have a different border (these include wood, bushes, metal, terracotta and wool).

The interior of the houses can vary, some with a modern and others with an old. Sometimes the interior can be adapted to the interior of your own house, or that of a neighbor. It has been seen that the interior of the houses is Non-Euclidean. When entering a house, it may look like a warehouses, shops that are empty, entire offices and on very rare occasions, they can only have a small room with a chair and a hanging spotlight.

The interior can also have a corrupted topography, making you go from being in a shopping center to being inside a hotel. Furniture can disappear and appear suddenly, it can also become corrupted causing an annoying sound and you can die when you touch it. The interior of the house is the safest so far in The Matrix Town due to its effects of avoiding hunger and thirst. This effect of houses changes depending on the place, for example: A shopping center is full of food and drinks, so it will repel hunger and thirst, but in a clothing store it will only repel dirt from the body. This effect of houses repels hunger, thirst, dirt, sanity, energy, body temperature and physique.


The two types of vehicles are safe, and the two types of vehicles vary greatly in properties:

Automobiles: Cars are one of the most common, as they will always be found near houses. Inside, it looks like a normal car, but when you try to drive it, it will not work, it may break, or it may leak fuel and explode.

Vans: The vans sometimes carry empty boxes, or boxes filled with useless items. Their interior is the same as a normal van, but the seats are broken or dirty. When you try to drive them, they will start, but cannot move. Sometimes, the vans sound like they will explode, but they don't and other times, they simply disappear.


There are only some camps set up, most of these are abandoned but there is no important base in The Matrix Town.



The entrances to The Matrix Town are mostly accessible through levels with a high chaos level, or very unstable. The main entrance to The Matrix Town is The Ruined City.

Walking through the field of the Electrical Station, you will see that in the distance you can see houses, reaching them will take you to The Matrix Town. Because the atmosphere of The Ruined City is very similar to that of The Matrix Town, it is easy to get to from this level: You just have to walk until the sky turns red, the smoke changes to that of the town, and destroyed houses appear.

There is a good chance that outside the Starlit Cinema, in the distance you will see a town and a persistent storm arriving at such a town will send you to The Matrix Town. In the Crumbling Dungeons, you will walk until you find a tunnel that leads up where it will show a red sky, leaving through the tunnel will take you to The Matrix Town.

A town can be found in the Snowy Wastes, this town will usually be covered in a heavy snow storm and getting there leads to The Matrix Town. Within The Pernicious Lands, you can find small fields of dirt with dry and rotten grass, taking a few steps in these fields can lead to The Matrix Town.

The Valhalla Dancehall have a very visible exit and it is by closing your eyes until static sounds are heard, which leads to The Matrix Town. The entrance from the Valley Of The Choir is strange, due to the instability that exists within, it is possible to hear the Computer Terminals and reach The Matrix Town quickly.


The Matrix Town is considered extremely dangerous and impossible to survive for long periods of time. It has multiple entrances to The Ruined City and is considered a neighbor to that limspace.

You will have to head towards the smoke in the distance, and when you arrive you will notice that the atmosphere changes to a beige color, destroyed buildings and rubble will appear, which will take you back to The Ruined City. Like, finding destroyed houses and debris everywhere, you will notice the smoke in the distance disappear and then you will be inside The Ruined City.

There is extremely very little chance that when you enter a house, which has the interior of a hotel or office, you will lead to The Hotel and The Office. There are chances that a house with the interior of an apartment building will lead to The Apartments. In the Underground Library, you can find an exit door that takes you to the Restless Restaurant, Paranoia Museum, The School, The Cavity, Your Home and The Dying Level, although said door is impossible to find.

It is believed that The Matrix Town has a hidden exit that leads towards The Liminal Center, this exit is still in progress, the UNCB is currently doing everything possible to find this exit.

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