This is WIP concept for Thalasso limspace system by me Ink! If you are interested, then message me! I am experimenting with code provided by Knaff… thanks Knaff!


Countless people have ventured into the world's seas for their own reasons. Some search for faraway lands, some search below the waves, and others search even farther below. Those who return with stories of their adventures are both the fortunate and foolish for they did not find The Origin. It is the people who have been lost to the seas that have found the real stories. The tales of mythical creatures of massive scale and places of unrivaled intrigue are real and greater. In between the veil of the oceans and the cosmos lay Thalasso—The Grand Celestial Ocean.

A system of limspaces centered around a spire of bone and an ocean that dwarfs all others. Explorers, pirates, traders, and the lost all survive off of the changing waves in their own ways. This place is both a nightmare and a dream that reaches out to those who want something greater in their life. No one comes here on accident.

✎ Limspaces:

Limspaces within Thalasso that have been documented. These spaces can be entered via a multitude of ways such as Gatewaves, maelstroms, Deepshifts, and Riftstorms! These spaces vary in content but all some form of sea.

The Boiling Sea-The water here boils… my flimsy shelter will soon fall in.
Versunken Zeitlos Krankenhouse-Forever sinking.
Prismatic Sea-This place would be beautiful if not for the Chromamasters.
Bloody Well-Who's blood makes up this ocean?
Geometric Coasts-How strange… this place makes no sense…but I can't help but see the patterns in everything.
Perpetual Falls-Its all downhill from here…
The Machine's Blood-The machine bleeds?
Sea of Lava-Why am I not surprised?
Duality of Sleep-I can't tell whether this is a dream or nightmare.
Noisy Ocean-I can't see it… but I can hear it
Second Flood Resistance-They tried to resist
Bioluminescent Competition-The flora here compete with each other
Stained Glass Ocean-Despite its beauty, it is quite painful!
The War That Never Ended-Why are you still fighting?
Sea of Clouds-Sailing the skys is now possible
Havenpost-They are gone… but their actions still dominate the world
Drained-What was once here is no longer.
Painted Sea-A living painting
Sleeping Sea-I am a bit sleepy… the waves look comfy.
Origami Sea-I feel like every step will cave in the entire sea.
Transparent Ocean-This is terrifying
Digital Expanse-Could this really be considered a sea?
Ball Pit Sea- deceptively cheerful, given what lurks beneath.
Plateau Sea-Of all the seas, this one is quite lively!
Living Sea-I may have spoke too soon.
Gravewater-No one here is alive
Sugar Sweet Sea-Too sweet.
Honey of Heaven-Sticky situation.
Treasure Shores-Endless riches.
The Chambers Below- What is contained?


Devil's Sea-The Eastern gateway. Lakes of fire and ice.
Bermuda's Turf-The Western gateway. An overwhelming fog prevents the beasts entire form to be seen.
Shiver Gate-The Northern gateway. More of a cavern of ice than a sea.
Where the Ocean Bends-The Southern gateway. All the rules are thrown away.
The Deeper Blue-When will this nightmare end?

✎ Entities:

The many seas of Thalasso are populated by both harmless and dangerous creatures. Monsters that belong to only the scariest tales. Critters that serve humanity with their lives. The creatures of Thalasso are varied and many.

✎ Objects:

Thalasso is an entire new complex world with its share of strange objects. Some are beneficial… others are not. In a world with scarce resources, everything counts.

Shifting Water
Laughing Box
Biological Prosthetics
Cosmic Glass

✎ Tales and more:

It is only natural that an endless sea is full of tales. However, Thalasso itself has called out to the curious explorers of the world to venture its seas and depths. Additional information not easily classifiable can also be found here.

Last Flight
Deepwalker Expeditions
Who are you?
Atop the spire
The Great Lighthouse
An exploration of aquatic agriculture
In pursuit of power
The Call

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