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Level Classification

Difficulty 1/5 Level has no threats but is incapable of being settled.
Entity Count 0/5 No entities
Chaos Gradient 1/5 Little to no change in level composition.
Basset-Frazier Index .667/5 Overall not very anomalous.


Level # consists of a large grassy plain with occasional sidewalks made of dry concrete. Aside from the grass, dirt, sidewalks, and sky there is nothing. The sky is always sunny with very few clouds, somehow the whole level is lit up and is not too bright. Wanderers often claim that it's a perfect sunny day, not too hot or bright, and not too many clouds. Overall it's a pleasant level.

The grass is mostly the same length throughout the level with minor variations. The grass is a "pleasantly" green color and is appealing to most to look at. The grass is constantly at nice cool temperature and is nice to lie in. Eating the grass is ill advised because it is tasteless and may detract from the overall experience of the level.

The occasional sidewalks are always in perfect condition with no cracks or disrepair. These sidewalks seem to have "fallen" onto the grass field; they don't disturb any grass blades as all the grass grows outside of the sidewalks. Very rarely while traveling along a sidewalk drawings made of chalk are seen on the sidewalk. These drawings appear to have been made seemingly moments before the wanderer encounters them as they are fresh and seem to have not degraded at all. These drawings also look to have been made by young children, as proven by incorrect word spellings, grammar, and overall childish nature of drawings. While no pattern has been discovered several wanderers express enjoyment over whatever drawing they see. The sidewalks seem to stretch on forever.

Strangely there are little anomalous properties of the level. There are no known entities that reside on level #. One anomalous aspect of level # is that any outposts made on level # don't last more than 24 hours. Reasons vary but every outpost disbands or disappears within a day of being made. Another anomaly is rarer to encounter, the anomaly is that wanderers are incapable of feeling pain on level #. The anomaly applies to all pain both physical and mental, for example; wanderers have been shot and felt no pain. Despite not feeling pain the wanderer is actually hurt, wanderers will die on level # even if they didn't feel any pain. The level causes wanderers to not register the pain, the level doesn't prevent the pain from happening.

You are not being followed.

Recommended Equipment

As the journey to the exit varies and it is impossible to settle, the only equipment needed are basic supplies and food for the next level.

Valuable Resources

While no physical objects have been found, the level provides "fresh air" to tired wanderers, the level is known to be calming and helps wanderers recover from previous traumas.

Recommended Actions

Walk along the sidewalks, and take your time.

Entrances and Exits


Entrance into level # is achieved by going through the door at the end of level #?.


The exit appears over the horizon of the wanderer(s) at a random time. The exit is believed to show up once the wanderer(s) have "rested" enough on level #.
Wanderers memories of exiting level ? are incorrect, if you remember leaving level ? through a door then you have fallen victim to the effects of GREEN. It is advised that you avoid any other wanderers as you are both threatened by and a threat to them, you must not tell anyone of your memories.

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