Object 7 (propose)
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Object 7 is a black jump rope made out of plastic, for anomalous reasons the object always fits the user's heigth not being too short nor too lengthy. It is most likely to be found on safe levels such as Level 1 and Level 5 stuck on a wall or neatly coiled on the floor.

It's second strange property is the ability make the user fall on the general direction it is facing at extreme speeds, the user does not suffer any damage caused by the overwhelming amounts of kinetic force. This property only activates on the fifth jump and no matter how much effort is put into not falling this fate is inevitable.


Object 7 is essential for easy Backrooms traversing as it throws any creature jumping with it onto a surface wich, in most cases, creates a noclip. It can also serve as a substitute for rope.

Update 09/04/2021: A "Throw" is a technique used to propel someone at high speeds through a great distance using The Rope, it consists of threeparts, stepping on it at the fifth swing, tying it on your feet without taking it off the cord and finally, cutting it while facing towards a target. If done correctly you'll will be thrown at terminal velocity and shouldn't suffer more than a headache, if done incorrectly you'll die on impact with any surface. If you have a Rope always keep it nice and tied up on your feet to escape any monster.
I've faced so much shit in this hellhole and running isn't my jam, I'm copying this and spreading it around the levels, and I thought Sacramento was bad.

Panflet found on Level 4 next to a pipe.


The earliest records of The Rope were found on a small abandoned comunity on Level 1, papers describing the use of rope for noclipping into more unknown levels and possibly finding an escape to the Backrooms. This comunity and it's members were never found.

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