The Excerium Trenches

Bottom of the Barrel Writing Over Here

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... Sandbox soon to be cleared for more articles! N/A
Static Sodium Cool little object. object 10 N/A
Uhhh... thegas_wav N/A
Pandora's Boxes get your lootcrates, object 2 TBD
Rustbugs Entity for Level 20. Soon. N/A
Rollers Entity 10. Soon. N/A
Sentient Landscape Entity for Level 22. Also Soon. N/A
Mono-Yellow Retreat Level 1 Sublevel Sitting on le backburner. Soonish? N/A
Retreat's Vineyard Level 1 Sublevel Sitting on le backburner. Soonish? N/A

About Excerium.

Breadfruit that decided to pick up a keyboard instead of planting itself in the ground. Here are some things you might commonly hear in between the constant screaming:
-crit crit crit crit crit
-my blood is made of salt and i will die in 20 minutes
-and so much more (bad)

Additionally, will cry in the corner for at least ???? [unit of time] every so often before returning by unpopular demand.

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