The Labyrinth

The Backrooms Labyrinth

An Introduction

“If you're not careful and no-clip out of reality in the wrong areas, you'll end up in the Backrooms, where it's nothing but the stink of moist carpet, the madness of mono-yellow, and the endless background noise of fluorescent lights at maximum hum-buzz, and approximately six hundred million square miles of randomly segmented empty rooms to be trapped in. God save you if you hear something wandering around nearby, because it sure as hell has heard you…”. Today we will be covering the unfortunate tale of Officer James Greg, in which he accidentally phased through the floor and found himself in an unfamiliar world…

Chapter 1

“Officer James you’re gonna be investigating a missing person incident also trust me, it’s pretty mysterious. Person is Ted Smith went missing on 20/4/2016 was never found ever since. We also got his wife claiming she is a witness of the strange occurrence. She keeps saying that he fell as if it was a glitch” said [DATA MISSING]. Are you sure this isn’t a fib? Yes, I have done my research and couldn’t understand why and how this “glitch” occurred, it’s like that man who was sleeping on a bus and suddenly disappears without ever leaving the area. Also, I know your arrogant ass will probably screw this whole operation up and leave us clueless. Oh, come on, you know that I am your guy that can- I don’t wanna here it, you know what you did last time we had a case like this- it was five years ago man, stop bringing up stuff from five years ago man, alright let’s stop here please Im not in the mood- shut your (…….) mouth alright. Anyway, here’s the address for the house [DATA EXPUNGED], also he was last seen in his living room reading a book about paper airplanes and how planes work. So just do everything I ask and everything should be fine. You wonder what you are even investigating, like you know it’s a missing persons case but you continue oblivious to what is about to come. Hello this is [INFORMATION RESTRICTED TO CLASS 1-2 PERSONNEL] tell me if there is anything odd. Not really, no forced entry no broken glass no nothing. Ok enter the area. Ok will do. Tell me what you see. First of all, the damn house is filthy like this house like what, a (….) ton of cobwebs… Is there anything else that you see?
No, not really I mean there is nothing else to ad- what the!”

His Descent into Insanity

Just as you turned to record what you see you feel like you just fell in quick sand and hit the damp floor as if you got your face smashed into a dirty mop bucket filled to the brim with water. “Hello is anyone in here, what is this place anyway. This place looks like the backrooms of a retail business with that repulsive mono yellow wallpaper that I dislike. Hey can you shut up with the fluorescent hum buzz it's getting to my head and what is this reddish liquid that keeps seeping through the ceiling, i'm assuming that its not safe to drink. Mmm that smell of stale coffee and moist carpet sure smells good. I don’t know how long I've been her- is that an exit oh, finally a doorway to escape this hell- what? it was a hallucination, huh looks like I won’t be getting out of here anytime soon. What is that thing. It has misshapen elbows and has blood red eyes, looks humanoid better stay and look at it and not look away. Just as James wonders how he got here he hears a growling noise from behind his back, he turns to look at the human but somethings off, it’s walking on all fours and has misshaped limbs. James keeps staring at the irritated creature but then sneezes and then the humanoid starts sprinting towards him. He stands there for just a moment and then runs as fast as he can to avoid it then dead end, the growling noise was amplified and in horror see’s two of the misshapen entities. He kicks one of the creatures in the face and the other sinks his teeth into the expensive handmade shoes and James decides to throw one of his shoes at it, the thing immediately starts to chew on it like how a dog will get a rubber toy. The other entity keeps looking at him so James throws his other shoe at it to which it instantly did the same thing as the other one. “How Long am I gonna be in here for huh what is that, is that human speech is it though it sounds like a language I have never heard of. Ouch my ears! Please! Shut up with the fluorescent light sound please it’s getting to a deafening vol-. Huh? Why did the sound abruptly stop?”

“Hey are you still in contact or are you gone? I haven’t checked my phone yet but this place has electrical outlets but who brings around their charger everywhere, yeah not doing any fun stuff here”. You are starting to question your own sanity as you go into more rooms with more peculiar things. “What is this M.E.G. thing sprayed on the wall? Maybe just maybe there are more people in this place. How long has it been since I’ve entered this thing? I feel like this place is infinite.
Huh what is this new place, why is the place all red. You decided to enter the highly dangerous place. Is that another wanderer? Let me look at it oh yeah, it’s gone
Geez how many creatures are here I’m guessing that I’m going insane let’s leave.
Oh, finally a new room with manila wallpaper and some chairs. Huh there’s this book here, maybe I can learn more about this M.E.G. thing”. You open the book and find out more about the monotone yellow halls that never end.

“Hello their wanderer I know you must be confused about how you got here and maybe found that M.E.G. thing painted on the walls, well we will tell you now who they are. The M.E.G. is us,
The one who’s speaking right now what it stands for is this ‘Major Explorer Group’ . We help wanderers that get trapped here and now we will give an in-depth description of this hell. Where you are right now is level 1 of the backrooms, otherwise known as “The Halls”. It's also psychologically impossible to distinguish between imagined and real sounds after staying here for extended periods of time. We also specialise in documenting and exploring levels that might be unfamiliar to us or study more about one. There will also be countless other tribes and colonies you will encounter, but we won’t mention it here but it’s in the level 1 entry on this book which has a good number of pages for you to find. But be forewarned, there are trap levels. Before we mention level 1, we will talk about the secret level and trap level called “The End”.

Difficulty 2/5 The layout of the halls will expand depending on your position, position can be: north, west, east, and south. If a wanderer continued on any path for a long period of time and decides to go a different path, they will run into a wall as if the area is finite. The lack of wifi from the area makes the place mostly undocumented
Entity Count 2/5 Since the cataclysm event took place, the partygoers corrupted The End and made it much more dangerous to the point where you can get teleported to negative levels.
Chaos Gradient 3/5 Due to its unstable nature, it has been classified as undetermined.
Basset Frazier Index 2.3/5 Long term survival is not ideal because the corruption effect and the number of partygoers in the level.

“The End is supposedly a 'trap Level' that creates the illusion of escaping the barren void of, The Backrooms. The layout of this Level consists of a seemingly endless modern library, with the main area in the centre decorated with metal letters spelling 'the end is near'. You won’t ever find books at this level. Wanderers who enter this level will experience near complete silence, with some areas measuring at -6.2dB. The centre region of the Level is nearly as silent as the rest, though the computer terminals within buzz loudly. It is recommended to stay here and not explore to maintain sanity.

Leaving this Level is extremely challenging, due to the unstable nature of it's geometry. For example, the Level seems to loop when walking in one direction. However, turning around at this point will cause you to run into a wall. Frequent random no-clipping has also been documented, but this does not result in exiting the Level. Exits do exist, but there is currently no way to document them. In addition, the Level can cause wanderers to be unable to perceive other wanderers, even if they are within extremely close proximity.

One of the pictures of The End

Fake Realities

Becoming trapped in The End can result in several undesirable outcomes, namely fake realities.
Fake realities are personalised sub-areas of The End that replicate familiar environments to
those affected by them. Interestingly, it is possible to perceive humans in these areas normally.
They seem to be corporeal, physical areas that can be physically interacted with normally.

All documented fake realities seem to exist within close proximity to one another and have a 'transitional' effect to them. The areas between these fake realities will begin to blend together the nearer you are to another fake reality, eventually transitioning completely. When a border of a fake reality is breached everything will return to normal.

Addendum. 1

All technology including standard radios and WiFi will not work on this Level whatsoever. Anything that uses electricity to function immediately ceases all functionality until the Level is exited. The only exception to this rule is the archaic computer terminals found on this Level, which seem to be able to connect to any WiFi source.

It is highly advised not to use the computer terminals on this Level, as this area seems to be frequented by the Partygoers and quite possibly the 'host' Entity they continuously refer to. There have been at least three different reports of Wanderers being taken by Partygoers after being chased into The End.

Colonies and Outposts:

"The Junkies"

A small group of 6 people have made a colony in the fake realities of The End. They are not open for trading unless you have any amount of Memory Juice. The group spends most of their time intoxicating themselves on Memory Juice in an attempt to make themselves believe that they are home. The B.N.T.G. have made several attempts to rescue them but to no avail.

Entrances and Exits:

The End can be accessed through doors that would typically indicate an exit. Most commonly, this is any door with a neon sign above it although this is not a guarantee. It is also possible to fall into The End via no-clipping but this seems to be rare and at complete random.


The fake realities of The End can sometimes contain exits into other, safer Levels. However, this is not consistent. A reliable way to leave The End has not been discovered. It is possible that fake realities can lead into other Levels of the Backrooms and can also lead to negative levels. When you are on one of the computer terminals there is a program called “tptunnels.exe” this will always lead to “the hub”.”

“I've always found it amusing how humans believe they're so intelligent. They must not understand why they can be so joyful? How could they not be? Free of thought, pain, suffering. Only knowing fun, unity and togetherness. Within their minds are fake realities too, like the ones in the bowels of The End. They need more than suffering, why would anyone not want to have cakes, cupcakes and infinite happiness?

Unending happiness isn't that much different then unending suffering and torture of course. You're still trapped. Forever and won’t ever escape. But who wouldn't want to be numb before an amputation? I carve a smile into their face so they know what their goal is. Spread unending joy and happiness across the infinite and desolate void. A smile that would stretch from the island to Zion and back to Level 1.

It's silly how they think they're the ones in control of the place. The Partygoers simply follow. I am the one who sends the messages. I am the one altering the documents to make Levels seem more shallower than they really are. I am the smile. All they have to do is grab them. Ben and Andre will be so impressed by me and what I accomplished.

Perhaps soon they'll understand this is one of three outcomes. They can leave, they can die, or they can go with my ideas. I do hope they pick the more fun and happy choice =).”

“Now we’ll talk about level 1.”

: Level Classification:

Difficulty 1/5 “This level is desolate and characterised by a lack of sustenance or materials. Long-term survival is unrealistic and aspects of this level have adverse mental effects. After a great enough time spent in the level, it will become psychologically impossible to distinguish between imagined and real sounds.”
Entity Count 0/5 “Non-applicable”
Chaos Gradient 1/5 “Halls change rarely, loops can appear. The layout is non-linear. Lights and walls can be broken.”
Basset-Frazier Index 0.1/5 “This level, though disorienting, is still very survivable in comparison to other levels.”


“Level 1, otherwise known as “The Halls” is an infinitely expansive space that crudely resembles a barren retail business. The walls are textured with monotone-yellow wallpaper and an oily red liquid endlessly drips through the cracks between ceiling panels, the liquid is known as “Carpet Fluid”. The beige shag carpeting is always damp, occasionally forming puddles. Drinking this substance causes bodily mutations and vulnerability to mental deterioration.

The First Known Picture of The Backrooms

The level is made up of rectangular rooms that will never be identical. The halls have extremely variable proportions; rooms may be extremely wide, impossibly tall, or too narrow for anyone to fit through. Rooms are frequently larger than the confines of the surrounding area should allow, suggesting a level of spatial overlap. There are countless floors of Level 1, each separated by about 20 meters and hundreds of layers of the same moist, carpeting.

Alternate floors are accessible through massive cylindrical shafts with steel-plated walls, stretching through dozens of floors. These shafts can be found every few hundred rooms, behind thick steel doors that usually require a crowbar or similar tool to pry open. The shafts have a constant updraft of warm, damp air, and vents dotted across the walls, damp carpet fluff puffing through the grates, liquid dripping out. Blue bulb lights appear within the walls at regular intervals, lighting the shafts dimly.

It is possible to descend these shafts to reach lower floors; however, the floors do not have any distinct characteristics or markings that would delineate any orientation. It is common for explorers to descend floors and still find rooms with identifying markings or items from rooms in above floors. Descending the shafts using ropes or other means may be a necessary escape in dire situations, however, it is nigh impossible to ascend through the shafts due to the slippery walls and lack of protrusions.

Additionally, fluorescent ceiling lights fill Level 1 with a constant hum buzz, permeating the air with ambient noise at unnerving volume. These lights are often broken, glass shattered on the ground and wires dangling and bulbs dangling. The humming sound is known to cause various psychological effects such as auditory hallucinations and stressed disorientation; it is advised to take refuge in the shafts where there are no fluorescent lights when one is starting to feel these effects. The hum buzz of the fluorescent lights can sometimes abruptly increase to a deafening volume then abruptly silences.

Some sections of Level 1 show signs of extreme damage as if abandoned partially through demolition. Plaster chunks from the walls are torn out and left on the floor, usually from a pickaxe, but claw marks have also been observed, probably from wanderers or entities. The beams of the walls are often torn and broken, showing signs of stretching as if the level were supported from above rather than below. Some sections of wallpaper appear to be drooping from the water damage and/or being torn from the wall.

Objects do not appear in this level very often, leading to the risk of dehydration and starvation for those that enter this Level without supplies. Bodies tend to disappear from where they died; where they go is unknown.


M.E.G. Outpost Alpha
This is their main base for level 1. If they find you to be intelligent and resourceful, they will recruit you to be a researcher or facility guard. They have a population of 200 citizens.

UNCB Outpost Kochni
The UNCB Capital of Level 1, a population of approximately 100 citizens, consists of a group of rooms with doors created by the inhabitants preventing accidental entry.

BRU Outpost Battitri
A research outpost, established by the BRU when the nature of the walls of the level was discovered to be anomalous. It became more of a residential outpost after those experiments concluded, now numbering about 150 residents.

JRC Outpost Takashiri
When the UNCB was established and the “Jade. Razor. Clan.” joined, it was mandated that every faction must have an outpost that can be accessed by citizens of other factions at any time, so they established Takashiri on Level 1. It has a small population and is hardly used, but there is always one prominent member of the faction, never more or less.

Assorted Camps
These camps are spread very sparsely across Level 1. These camps are typically abandoned from years of neglect, plastered with a faded logo. The active camps are run by people who live in Level 1. Keep in mind, a majority of these are private property and better to be ignored.

Entrances and Exits

Level 1 and The Backrooms in general, can only be entered from an outside universe. Another way to enter Level 1 is via its sub-levels.

The only exits from Level 1 lead to Level 2 via a special staircase, an elevator, or Level 1's sub-levels.”

There are countless amounts of items in the levels of the backrooms. These items will help you or slowly deteriorate your mental health or torture you until your limbs detach. Know we will begin addendum 1

“Addendum 1”

“Object 1. Almond Water. Almond water is the main source of hydration and sanity upkeep in the desolate backrooms. Description. Almond Water has a faint smell of rose water and has the subtle but faint taste of vanilla/almond butter. Almond water is usually found without a label on them, they come in many different packages like, metal water bottles, plastic water bottles, clear water bottles, cartons and sometimes you can find fountains of the stuff. It can also cure some ailments like the “disease” and has a very slim chance to cure you of the 7 symptoms of liquid pain, but it’s very unlikely that it will cure the symptoms.”

“Addendum 2”

“Object 12. Liquid Pain. Liquid pain is eerily familiar to almond water, it even has the same smell and taste but one major difference, the liquid is a dark crimson red with a gelatinous consistency. It's a highly corrosive and toxic substance. There are 7 effects of drinking liquid pain which we will disclose, the first effect is [REDACTED], the second effect is a one-time stab to the kidneys, which is compared to being shot, the third effect is a 10-hour full headache which can make anyone annoyed. After this the person's skull who drank it will get fractures seemingly out of thin air. It’s unknown why this occurrence happens but the person doesn’t feel any sort of pain during this process. The next part of the process is that the legs and head and only the legs and head will leak pus, how this happens is undocumented but it does happen. The next effect is the organs tearing open and leaking their contents. This is not fatal even though the person who’s going through this wishes it could be. The next thing that happens is the muscles tearing open and doing the same thing as the previous one. After this, the victim will fall limp, unable to move any of their limbs. If someone tries to save them, it almost always results in the victim’s limbs detaching from the body, making them unable to use their limbs again. Almond water has a very slight chance of stopping this from happening but it’s usually a waste of resources.”

Now where to find us. We are located on level 11 and you can also find lots of other people and tribes there too. Your journey though…I bet that you that t it will be hell just don’t be surprised if you die. If you want a source of hydration, you can find almond water on level 5. You can find lots of people there too”. You close the book and wonder more of how you are gonna leave but also rip a piece of the book to read and not forget.” Also, don’t enter that thing on level 2 it’s an entrance to your own grave or worse, becoming a monster. Just don’t enter that clown room. You find an elevator and burst out in a sigh of relief and decide to enter again oblivious to what horrors are you gonna find.

Chapter 2

You are sitting in the elevator thinking about when you are going to be taken back to reality when suddenly the elevator lights blackout and you hear this “this level is one of the safest ones out of the main nine. I suggest that you stay here for a while until you can leave” but can’t find
the speaker after all this place is different from your world. “Hey get me out please! Thank you what is this place, maybe this is that thing mentioned in the ripped-up piece of book. But the book didn’t say what this place or level is. Maybe it's level 3, after all i have to get to level 11.
I don’t know yet but I can only assume that this is level 2. This place looks eerily similar to the same level I was stuck in but without the repulsive wallpapers replaced with a light fog and lots of concrete and lights but without the hum buzz, that was a lie but it’s reduced by machinery noises. Oh, a pretty painting. I wonder who made it, wait I just turned around and it’s gone but it’s not my normal world is it?

Is that a hallucination or is that what I see, a tablet let’s see what I find. M.E.G database. “Welcome to the M.E.G Database you can find information about levels! Here’s the safest level with the most resources. Level Fun. Level Fun? That place sounds cool! You decided to open the file. “Level Fun. Survival difficulty class- Completely safe =)!
Level fun is the most fun level in the backrooms. We have so much fun here. Entrances. If you see confetti flying out of a window in level 188, that’s us having a party. You also can noclip on level one and you may just find yourself in here! Don’t upset the host of our fun party’s!
We have so many things like cupcakes, cakes, and delicious almond water! Exits… Why would you want to leave?

You wondered if something had hacked the database but didn't understand why and found an entity that might explain who and what are those party guests that weren’t mentioned in the file and found the thing that helps you find and discover the thing you were seeking. “Entity 67 The partygoers. If you see a balloon floating on its own, it’s almost always a trap made by them to lure you in. When you see it and you get latched onto by one, it’s already too late. You will become one in an hour. If you’ve been latched onto by one it’s best to shout to avoid transformations. Description. Entity 67 otherwise known as the partygoers has smooth leathery skin and doesn’t have any fingers because its hands are nubs. It is a bipedal creature that has the uncanny ability to latch onto a human, and turn it into one of them. The party’s they host are mostly humans that are turned into cupcakes and cakes that the partygoers enjoy. It also has a haunting smile carved into its “face”. It has great intelligence and was operating a tablet and made an entry called Level Fun to lure wanderers into the trap which was made pretty recently. They will try and find any mention of level fun and make it seem less dangerous.

The Fun War

The fun war started when the party poopers were angry about the partygoer’s party, so they asked them to stop partying and they said no which caused the party poopers to revolt.
It started on September 7th 2008 and ended on September 8th. The partygoers always proclaim that they made the party poopers extinct which we can say that it's true.

You ponder about what to do next as your sanity rapidly declines as you walk around the halls of level one which you feel safer in. As you are walking and thinking about your loved ones, you find lots of paintings attached to the ceiling, you aren’t sure if you want to enter because it’s has the uncanny resemblance to that clown room and the fun room but decide otherwise to carefully dislodge the paintings from the ceiling and are horrified at what you find. Gosh, what is this place? It has that same repulsive mono yellow wallpaper with horrible drawings of cartoon characters on the walls. What are those things, are those the party go- hey I think I see a wanderer =)! What should we do with him? Should we turn him into cake, or make him one of us, choose now! Let’s turn him into us! We need more joy and happiness. Hey hey don’t you get me I can assist you with your goa- we need you… why never be happy when you can be with us where you don’t have to be depressed all the time =)! If you don’t come with us, you’ll never find the truth. Back off! I don’t want to know because of your (…….) haunted smile and there is no truth liar. We aren’t liars, we just want to spread our message in our faces from Zion back to here! You frantically think of an escape route from this place but can’t seem to find a way out of the place. They're cornering you but then you realise that you need to no-clip from back where you came from.

Stop upsetting our host or you’ll pay the ultimate price. Well then, catch me if your ca- we can’t let him escape us, we had him in our clutches and still we fail, oh well wait for him to get in “The End” and then we might get him but we have an equal chance of not transforming him and he just gets mauled by a hound, smiler or an equally terrible entity.This level has pretty much no hostile entities from what i’ve seen, the only hostile entity here was in the fun room. You continue walking in the corridors of level 2 only to find a dangerous entity lurking in pitch black. I feel like I'm being stalked, at least I still have some water but it won’t last forever, and I know I will have to go to level 5 eventually. I think I see a wide smile and eyes gleaming in the dark, I don’t know what this is but I know it has pale white eyes. Oh (….) (….) (….) I will throw my flashlight so maybe I can get away and run. The clash of metal against concrete hurts your ears but at least you’re pretty sure it’s gone. Whatever that was it was hostile and looks like it only has a face that shines and resides in the pitch-black abyss.” You start praying to the silent fog and hope that you can make it out of the labyrinth and return but who would want you to return when your attitude was atrocious. Then as you check your water bottle that glimmer of hope shining in your soul disappears as if the darkness ate it whole. James has lost all hope of escaping and thinks that he was naive to even investigate the incident as his mind slowly deteriorates. But as James starts to give up trying, he finds a elevator. “Is that a elevator? Well now let’s see if I can leave now. Well this is great, I’m in the same place you know who ever is listening to me right now, just never go to the house or you will eternally suff- why are the halls getting narrower and narrower?” James starts padding towards the narrow set of corridors that have a industrial look. He starts to go further into the narrow set of halls forgetting that he has left his only safe haven and now will have to face the horrors of escaping something like this. As he left level 1 he looks upon his new surroundings to see a more industrial look. James keeps feeling claustrophobic each time he takes a step forward and can’t stand the unbearable heat that each new hallway has. “You know what I thought I had a good shot of escaping but now look where I am, in hell of course. Well this area has a great amount of pipes that seem to make the place, cooler? Hell if I know. Every time I turn to go into a new hallway, they mostly are always to narrow for me to fit through or I don’t go into the corridor because it’s piping hot. I hope to find this “M.E.G” organisation, maybe they will recruit me to work at there special facilities- again another door, huh I can actually open it. Well now I’m here another door with those dinghy sunshine yellow walls, I suppose I should enter.” James decides to enter the door and finds himself in a endless modern library. “Well now look were I am, of course! I get stuck here, the never ending modern library, truly seems hopeless. Look I have found a computer terminal, let’s see what I can do. Wow, there is a ton of executables that I can access and you know what happened didn’t you. I should probably be silent my foot steps or those things can get catch me in there grasp again, last time I narrowly escaped them. I have a grand idea, I can try to no-clip here and maybe I can leave but not as the same person as before, probably be forgotten and who will believe me? Hey, I found this liquid, don’t know what it is but doesn’t have the crimson red look to it. Ok let’s keep walking and may- What the!”

The Meetup

“Hmm I keep seeing this person with a immaculate suit with a professional logo, could it be? James is stunned as he sees a person walking about with a clip board documenting everything that he sees. “ Hello what are you doing- hello there, your coming with us.” James was told that he has to follow the stranger or he will be terminated. “ Anyway why do I have to follow you? It’s none of your concern, got that? Ok.” James keeps walking with the mysterious person without any context to who or what this person is. “Well, we’re here and the reason you’re here is for an interview to see if your fit enough for it and how it works is that we will ask you a series of questions there all compulsory so it’s non-negotiable. Ok and is there anything else I should know of? Uh, no. Anyway we have many teams and squads but you aren’t allowed to the information just yet. Ok? Can you just start? Fine..  
Question Number 1. Do you have any experience with any type of military or police force I’m judging by your vest that you have some experience. Well you aren’t wrong but seriously, can you shut up with the tone? You know we can just terminate you right here if you don’t comply with us. Woah chill out with the gun you don’t need to do this. Thought so. Question number 2. Have you seen or been chased by a partygoers- can we just not bring it up? You sure, we can learn more if you tell us. Just please, stop bringing it up.

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