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The Lost Doorway, is a legendary doorway that randomly materializes at any location for an undetermined period of time. At the top of the white frame, the phrase “Welcome Home” is engraved. When the Lost Doorway is observed, it slowly creaks open, revealing the inside of a house, perfectly matching the old home of a viewer. On occasion, it also leads to different locations that feel like home to someone, such as the coffee shop they used to frequent, or the park they visited as a child. For all accounts, we are unable to confirm the existence of The Lost Doorway or determine whether or not it actually leads to the places in question.

Assuming someone has the fortune or misfortune to find The Lost Doorway, figuring out where it leads may be impossible considering that interacting with it has effects on the mind. Once in contact, people are almost always stricken with an intense sense of dread and unease. From many accounts, it is tedious work to build up the courage to enter and explore the area on the other side. Strangely enough, once a person does manage to work against such a paralyzing fear, their tension immediately dissipates, leaving a mild sense of tranquility. Once someone enters through the doorway, they can easily travel between the backrooms and this location without having to worry about regaining any of their previous paranoia. Once the door closes, the people who decide to remain in the backrooms, often are left with deep unexplainable regret.

Since it is unknown whether or not the place on the other side of the door is reality, it is also unknown whether or not the people through the doorway are real, or merely copies of the humans back home. When asked to enter through the doorway, the potential clones vehemently refuse, demonstrating an even stronger sense of paranoia around only the thought of setting a single foot through it. An old legend mentions a group of people who took someone through the doorway.

"After countless temptations, and rightful resistance, the fire of the debate grew to violence. The young lad battled fiercely against their five friends, proved to be foes. They seized him. He cried in desperation, thrashing around with all his might in midst of his hopeless fate. They yelled profanities of false comradery and loyalty that never existed. It had been years. They must have perished long ago. Trying all he could to escape, a leg of his was severed by the door. He was dragged to our depths, never to be seen, past the point of no return. He died days later of an infectious mold, but he never forgave the so-called friends who dragged him into this pit."

When the doorway is about ready to disappear, it slams shut with immense force, snapping or breaking off anything that has the potential to be wedged between the door and the frame. After that, the fate of anyone who entered is then unknown. The tales begin to vary.

In the brief interval in which the door can be reopened, nothing is capable of entering through. During that time, both the home and door vanish to reveal a regular wall. Anything that had gone through the doorway from the backrooms cannot be heard or seen. After the doorway completely vanishes, the items and persons who entered can never be recovered. In almost all tales, individuals who come into any form of contact with the doorway, but do not remain on the other side will often be left with deep, often unexplainable, feelings of regret.


If you see The Lost Doorway, enter at your own risk. It may be an exit to your old home, but it may lead to a terrible fate. In the case that you are willing to escape the Backrooms in the face of possible death, it is recommended that you proceed. The object might be the only way out of this mess. Additionally, it is of worthy note that unless you bring your friends or travel partners with you through the doorway, you will never see them again. If you are capable of leaving before it closes, it is possible to gather supplies from the doorway, but it is important to exercise caution. It is unknown how long the intervals, in which the doorway would remain open, are.


The Lost Doorway is an incredibly elusive thing to find in The Backrooms. Nobody in the entirety of the U.N.C.B, or any other group has been able to find or see the object in person before. People who are known to have traveled to levels unknown and back again never mentioned the object even once. Only the countless legends, stories, and myths endlessly speckled between various groups account for its existence.


There have been multiple legends told, and rumors spread, about The Lost Doorway. Here are several of the accounts we were able to gather that demonstrate variations in the perception and classification of the doorway. :
  1. "The Lost Doorway was once a wanderer with a big, yet broken heart. They were cursed to always be ostracized and outcast: lost forever. They were spoken of with ridicule and shame by villains and scoundrels. Even socially deprived loners looked at them with nothing but contempt. They cried so hard, and so long, for the ones they loved back home. They desperately tried, scrambling to find any possible way back to reality to the point they died of heartbreak. The traveler’s final wish was to not let others be resigned to the same fate, to suffer and mourn as much as they did. They grew a hole through the body the same size as their hole through the heart. Their body dried to wood, and on the top of their frame, a few simple words grew. Those words forever promise that some of us will be welcomed home again, freed from this isolating and dreadful prison. The traveler is trying so hard to find people to offer what they are now forever denied, but just like in life, there are few people the traveler is able to come by."

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  1. "The Lost Doorway is another predator of The Backrooms. It is the only one of its kind, forever misplaced, forever lost, endlessly wandering to and fro. Yet, it is always stalking, always waiting, always on the prowl for human prey. The beastly gate lures us in by taking advantage of a universal weakness: a desire to fulfill an impossible dream. It subtly tries to trick us, lure us, slip us into falling for one of our own delusions, to believe our own fantasies. It subtly persuades us by alluding to a way out when there is not. It lies. It lies to fool us into denying the true reality of our helpless situation. That doorway does this all for a meal. Therefore, it is best to always follow your gut. The other side is death."

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  1. "The Lost Doorway happens to be a random anomalous doorway that leads to a place that may appear to be our home, but it really just leads us to another level that only looks like our homes. If you enter through and actually explore it, there will be no people, no friends, no family that you personally know. That would be too convenient. The "loved" ones you do see lost a different version of you long ago. The Lost Doorway leads to a whole other world, an alternate reality. It contains no thresholds, no exits to other limspaces, and no known way back here."

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  1. "The Lost Doorway is a trap. If a person enters and waits for a while, the door closes, and they cannot leave. The hapless victim is then taken to another level that is much different and significantly more deadly than what was seen through the doorway. Nobody knows where, since nobody lived to tell the tale. It is such a shame that people who remain inside the doorway may believe they are finally home, but they are effectively sentencing themselves to die a horrid and gruesome death. It is a very cruel trick. The doorway might have been created as a form of pest control for those that don't belong here."

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  1. "The Lost Doorway can be seen once, only once, and never again. It is a way home, which few will ever find, but the fear upon seeing it is too intense to allow any normal person to enter. The doorway is meant to taunt us because we are innately afraid of change. We find this place deeply familiar despite the unfamiliarities. When a person sees the door, unless they possess some godly courage, they will remain still thereby dooming themselves to life here forever. A while after that, they die or become one of the twisted creatures that wander these realms. "

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  1. "The Lost Doorway neither kills anybody nor lets anyone live. When a person enters through, they will never die, but they will also never not die. They get trapped in a process of never being observed, never being truly reconciled with reality. The door is an internal paradox, locked within these realms. It exists due to the inherent nature of non-existence. Those that enter may never change. The doorway traps people in a special kind of prison, a permanent limbo, lost between life and death for all time."

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  1. "There is no way out. There is no true exit to where we once were. This world is imperfect. It is a hodge-podge mess of different things shoved between the crevasses of a near-infinite amount of various realities, multitudes of dimensions. The Lost Doorway is a myth. There is no way anything in here is capable of sending us home when everything in here is just as misplaced as we are. We just keep telling ourselves these sweet lies. We ramble on about these fairytales of "exits" and "doorways" just to keep our heads high, all so we do not drown in the depths of this suffocating prison."

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