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Difficulty 4/5 Quantity of ash, dust and carbon in the air is incredibly dangerous for wanderers
Entity Count 0/5 Entities do not inhabit Level 23, but instead flee from the area.
Chaos Gradient 3/5 Volcanism is incredibly common in Level 23.
Basset-Frazier Index 3.5/5 Level 23 is survivable under select conditions, however time spent is to be as minimised as possible.


fig 1.0 Mount Achlys undergoing volcanism event on 17-18th January 2011. The 19 Range can be seen in the background.


Level 23 is a large 80-kilometre2 area surrounding an active volcano named Mount Achlys.

The landscape of Level 23 closely resembles a cold tundra of the Northern United States populated by dead and desiccated alpine flora, walled in by two large mountain ranges named “the 22 Range” and “the 24 Range” of which etymology originates from the levels that the mountain ranges link to.

Mount Achlys

Mount Achlys is the main centrepiece of Level 23 and is an active stratovolcano with an average frequency of 11 years, acting in similarity to volcanic eruptions of the classification ‘VEI 6’ alike to the Mount Vesuvius & Mount St. Helens eruptions. Most eruptions that occur with Mount Achlys act similar to a Vulcanian eruption.

Only 2 eruptions have been properly documented by wanderers from within this level, those being the 2000 and 2011 eruptions (2011 pictured in fig. 1.0).

Recommended Equipment

  • Respiratory Protection - Respiratory Protection is heavily advised by multiple communities because of the large quantity of ash and soot nanoparticles infused within the air and can cause Emphysema and Bronchitis.

Valuable Resources

  • Pure/Distilled Water - Pure or Distilled Water is highly valuable in Level 23 because most water in Level 23 are enriched in toxins due to the common appearance of soot and ash in the air of Level 23

Recommended Actions

  • Distance Yourself from Mount Achlys - Keeping distance from Mount Achlys in Level 23 is advised by past wanderers as eruptions may occur if at the correct time and the closer you are to Mount Achlys, the more likely you will suffer from the effects of the soot and ash nanoparticles in the air.
  • Distance Yourself from Mount Achlys -


Et Latentia (Past Community)

Et Latentia (given name; latin for “the encased”) is assumed to be a past community which lived near to Mount Achlys.



  • Level 9: Instead of exiting through a true exit and entering Level 10, exiting through a false exit will take you to Level 20 through a cave at the base of Mount Achlys.
  • Level 19: Exiting through a singed wooden gate on Level 19 will take you to a wooden shack in the 19 Range of Level 20 which will disappear unnoticed soon after you exit the shack.


  • Level 21: Entering a cave on Level 20 in the 21 Range will slowly develop into a tiled hallway. At the end of this hallway, there will be a door which will lead to Level 21
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