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Level Classification

Difficulty 3/5 The level is generally compact, with little space for maneuvering. Entities are few, but so are supplies.
Entity Count 2/5 While there are a few train cars that feature food and drink, there are not many. This greatly limits the amount of entities in the level. Most entities in the limspace are just human wanderers.
Chaos Gradient 4/5 The train cars in this level are ever-changing. Mapping out the level is impossible.
Basset-Frazier Index 3/5 In general, the level is a set of small spaces that interchange at random. Though not dangerous entirely, the limspace puts wanderers at risk of confusion and lack of supplies.



fig 1.0 L20-C01 instance.

Level 20 is a collection of train cars that interchange randomly. A typical train car measures at about 16.7 meters (55 feet) in length and 3 meters (9 feet) in width. While there is, theoretically, an engine and caboose, neither of these have been located or documented. Each car is entirely random, and the train cars do not seem to follow any pattern or common theme. Listed below is a comprehensive guide of the documented train cars:

Although the cars do not share a common theme, they do share some similarities. For instance, televisions on any subspace will only show static constantly. Additionally, while there are windows, the train seems to constantly be in a tunnel or passing through a station. Attempts to exit through the windows definitively result in death, as the cars are in constant motion (with the exception of L20-C10). The only known way to exit Level 20 is on the odd chance of entering a car and clipping into Level 21.


The Civilized

Residing in mint-condition subspaces, The Civilized are a small human group who focus on the preservation and upkeep of train cars. They particularly favor first-class style cars, such as L20-C02 and L20-C06.

The Civilized are neutral; passive until attacked. However, they are particularly weak, as they are not focused around combat. Typically dressing themselves in a navy suit and tie or dress, they sometimes are found wandering levels around Level 20.

17th Exiles

A UNCB platoon of about 30 men was led through Level 20 by one Daniel Sanchez in Summer of 2018. The confusing environment of this level and its subspaces left the group split up and disoriented. Through the confusion, some of the men presumably mixed up their communications, and 17 of them turned against the rest of the platoon. This action framed them as traitors to the UNCB, and they became known as the 17th Exiles.

Their naming and origins are widely debated, as they weren’t part of a "17th Platoon", there just happened to be 17 traitors. As a group in the minority of the UNCB, the Exiles have no power to name, much less exonerate themselves. Nevertheless, the 17th Exiles have made L20-C11 their home, and its remote location will keep them safe.

The 17th Exiles are also neutral, only attacking those who attack them. It should be noted that they will act aggressively against the UNCB, as the two groups are on poor terms. Normal wanderers will likely be subject to recruitment, or be allowed to trade with the Exiles. It is additionally worth noting that the Exiles have access to military-grade weapons, received from L20-C11.

Entrances & Exits


Level 20 can be entered through the following methods:


Likewise, the level can be exited through the following methods:

  • Entering a random car and clipping into Level 21
  • Entering L20-C10 and being set back to Level 10
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